5 Reasons to Love Dehydrated Dog Food

5 Reasons to Love Dehydrated Dog Food

Raw, cooked, canned, dry, moist… With so many types of products available on the pet food market today, canine nutrition has certainly become a hot topic for discussion.

Wet or canned foods are a flavourful, appealing source of hydration for dogs that aren’t too keen on drinking water, or too old, weak or lacking in teeth to chew on solids. Advocates of the raw feeding argue that keeping a canine to the diet of raw animal meat, organs and bones is the only ‘natural’ and species-appropriate way to go. As for the kitchen hobbyists, well, what better way to show your dogs you love them than to whip up home cooked organic meals and treats – all made from scratch?

Yet, dehydrated food largely remains the most popular diet of choice for many pet owners. Here are some reasons as to why.

  1. Same Great Nutrients as in Whole Foods

Freeze-dried technology is employed to process fresh meats and vegetables in the process of dehydration, with the result being raw dehydrated dog food and organic products that make storage and feeding a breeze. This preservation method of only removing the food’s moisture content is also said to retain more natural vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants of fresh meat and produce as compared to regular commercial dry dog foods, which lose plenty of vitamins and minerals during the baking process.

  1. Easier on the Wallet

Ever heard of the idiomatic expression, “another mouth to feed”? This saying would certainly apply to your pet as well! We all know how costly it can get to own a dog: visits to the vet, pet insurance, having to purchase accessories and toys from time to time… the list goes on. Dehydrated dog food is no doubt more affordable than its canned or cooked counterpart, as there is no need to purchase costly, often-imported canned food as well as ingredients on a regular basis for cooking or raw feeding.

Addiction Fig'licious Venison Feast Grain Free Raw Dehydrated Dog Food
Addiction Fig’licious Venison Feast Grain Free Raw Dehydrated Dog Food
  1. No Refrigeration Required For Storage

Freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food can be stored without the need for refrigeration. They also boast an excellent shelf life of about 1 – 2 years when stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature, unlike fresh foods which may only last for days in the fridge if they are not frozen. Just remember that once water has been added, the food will have to be consumed within the next four hours, and should not remain at room temperature beyond that timeframe – just like fresh or cooked food.

  1. Minimum Mess, Maximum Convenience

You won’t have to worry about messing up your kitchen while cooking for your dog. Neither will you have to spend all that time and effort shopping for or measuring, handling and preparing any ingredients either – all it takes to feed your dog its meal is to simply add warm water, wait for a few minutes, and serve. Nothing can get more convenient than that!

  1. Simply Versatile

Most dehydrated dog food is meant to be rehydrated for feeding, and the best thing about it is the ease of controlling the water content. Owners of picky pooches can create a consistency of their dog’s preference while ensuring that it gets sufficient water content from its meals. What’s more, there are plenty of uses for dehydrated dog food other than a standalone diet. You may use it as a delicious topper for kibble or canned foods as well, or to spruce up an otherwise bland homemade meal – whichever you prefer.

With everything from grain-free options to raw and even vegetarian, dehydrated dog food is a convenient delicacy that dog owners and lovers would be raring to opt for. That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your dog’s nutrition and wellbeing. No matter which method you may prefer, it is important to take your pet’s age, breed, size and health/dietary restrictions and requirements into consideration before making an informed decision.