5 Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

5 Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

Life in Singapore tends to be fast-paced, and finding time for yourself may seem almost impossible — even more so if you are a dog owner. But did you know that walking your dog has multiple benefits for both you and your dog?For example, taking a walk with your dog helps the both of you keep in shape! The Singapore Health Promotion Board recommends that you should aim for 150 minutes of physical activity a week. That means you could take your dog for a walk for 30-minute walks 5 times a week, or 22 minutes daily.


Stay fit with your four-legged friend

border collie puppy wearing blue harness

Having a healthy diet and walking with your dog may help prevent multiple issues that affect both people and dogs as they grow older. Besides helping to burn off some calories, walking your dog daily helps to strengthen your joints and muscles. Walking your dog on a regular basis also helps to lower High Blood Pressure and reduce the risks of heart diseases and strokes. It being a low impact activity means that even Grandma and Grandpa can join in too!What better way to motivate yourself into getting healthy, than by having an exercise pal that is always happy to accompany you on your exercise routine – tail wagging and all!


Is just one walk away

Woman in grey long-sleeved carrying a beagle

Walking your dog can simply bring you joy! Not just from enjoying your stroll in the peaceful evenings with your best four-legged friend, but from the serotonin produced too! Studies have shown that regular exercise causes your brain to produce ‘Serotonin’ – a natural brain chemical that is more commonly known as the ‘happy chemical’. A great, natural way to destress at the end of a hectic day.

Building Better Bonds

Strengthen your relationships

Girl and Puppy Sitting on Green Grass Surrounded With Shrubs during Daytime

What better reason is there for walking your dog than to bond? Walking often with your dog not only contributes to a stronger trust in your relationship, but also can help prevent your dog from developing unwanted behavioural problems in the future! For a greater effect, bring the whole family for the walk; walking your dog may be a great chance for the whole family to communicate and catch up — all while gaining the benefits of exercise!

Socialize & Make Friends

Expand your social circle

two schnauzers playing on grass

Walking your dog could be a great way to make friends. Dogs are excellent conversation starters! More often than not, people tend to stop and ask about your dog — and sometimes tell you about theirs! Studies have shown that almost half of dog parents have made friends while walking their dogs. Just make sure that your dog is as friendly and approachable as you are!

Prevents Loneliness

Never feel alone again

women hugging Dalmatian

Walking your dog is a great way to keep yourself occupied. Whether you are feeling sad, heartbroken, angry or just plain lonely, taking your dog out for a walk is one of the best ways to deal with loneliness. It’s not just people who feel lonely, your dog feels lonely too when you’re not at home. That’s why dogs are so ecstatic when they see you enter the front door, they just want to spend every second with their best friends — don’t you?

Now that you know the importance and some of the benefits of walking your dog, try to remember to set some time aside for your walks with your canine companion, he will surely appreciate it. Just grab your dog’s leash when you have some time, and head out together for a relaxing stroll and fresh air!