12 Superfoods For Dogs

12 Superfoods For Dogs

We have all fallen victim to the longing eyes and the placement of a single paw forlornly on our legs for food that’s being kept just out of reach. While we try to keep our dog on their canine diets, we can’t help but slip them a treat from our bowl. While not everything on our plates is suitable for our pet, there are superfoods for dogs that are safe and healthy for their diet.

Superfoods are edibles with nutritional properties that enhance the immune competence of dogs and help support their long-term health and well-being in general. Let’s have a look at 12 superfoods that help your dog get the full natural value from their meals:

1. Chia

Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and promote healthy cells, growth and brain development. It also reduces inflammation and protects against arthritis, cancer and other health problems. Being valued for its energy-boosting properties for centuries, chia seeds make excellent supplements for your pet to add meaningful nutrition to their diet.

Simply sprinkle a small amount on their meals or soak them in water to be used as an egg substitute in dog treat recipes. Alternatively, seek for a premium chai based dog treat from Green Bark Gummies to get you started first. Packed with Omega-3 rich NutriCHIA, it allows your dog to absorb most of the nutrients that chia seeds provide and keep them healthy and active.

2. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a yummy treat and is a great replacement for protein in their diet. High calcium and protein make yogurt a superfood so serving them one to two teaspoons a day is a fair amount to strengthen their growing bones. Be sure to pick one that has live active bacteria without sugar or artificial sweetener since high sugar content can cause bacterial imbalance.  

Even if your dog is lactose intolerant, fret not! Dog treats like the Ewegurt Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt Freeze Dried Dog Treats is suitable for lactose-intolerant dogs and has no artificial preservatives.

3. Goat’s Milk

Goat’s milk is not only good for people, it’s also good for dogs. For one, it aids in digestion problems, especially dogs with digestive issues. For another, it is an immune booster that can help fight any common ailments such as diabetes, liver diseases, heart problem and reduce the effects of certain allergies.

Have a picky dog eater at home? Mixing in Delamere Dairy UHT Whole Goat’s Milk with food can help increase the palatability of your pet’s food and makes it easier for them to digest.

4. Coconut Oil

Have a dog with dry, itchy or flaky skin at home? Here’s how coconut oil is useful as a simple, natural remedy to keep them healthy. Coconut oil contains lauric acids that moisturizes and treats skin conditions. In addition, it promotes the healing of cuts and infections and even aids overweight dogs in weight loss.

Just as humans can get nutty over coconuts, so can our beloved buddies. They will most likely gobble up anything with coconut oil in large mouthfuls and not be too picky about it. Keep them happy by adding the Muddy Paws Virgin Coconut Oil to their foods and you will see their tails wagging vigorously to express gratitude to you.

5. Pumpkin

Help your dog get rid of constipation or diarrhoea by feeding pumpkin to his/her regular diet.  Pumpkin supplies the necessary fiber to help your dog pass stool easily. Furthermore, it has other health benefits as well, such as boosting the immune system, promoting good eye development and moisturizing the skin and coat well.

Both raw and cooked pumpkins are possible options to serve your pet, but there is nothing like canned pumpkin that beats the ease. Try getting canned dog food with beef, chicken or fish that are made with garden fresh pumpkin – it will still be packed full of the same nutrients as fresh pumpkin.

6. Rose Hips

Heard of Rose-hip Vital Canine? It is an innovative treatment primarily used for improving the joint health and general well-being of dogs. It is made from rose hip, a fruit filled with 8 naturally occurring vitamins and 23 minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and flavonoids.

Backed by a number of scientific and clinical studies, Rose-hip Vital Canine is proven to treat inflammation, promote healthy joint and supplement nutrition. In no time, you’ll see your dog more active and might even be able to run alongside you for several laps around the track!

7. Fish Oil & Oily Fish

Who says fish is only meant for cats? Many dog owners are feeding their loved ones with fish oils to add Omega 3 essential fatty acids to their diet. We recommend a high-quality fish oil, such as the Dom & Cleo Wild Fish Oil that is made from wild short-lived fishes and micro filtered using a unique process.

Not only is it naturally preserved with Vitamin E, it also regulates the immune system, improves the cardiovascular health and general well-being. Among many other health benefits, this health supplement can also make your best buddy’s skin and coat shinier and less dry!

8. Quinoa

Turn to a health enthusiast and you’ll soon find out that quinoa is the start of a healthy morning diet and a fuel meal in between breaks. Many people are turning to quinoa over rice since it is gluten free and is high in protein; what’s more, it has a pleasant nutty taste too!

With the recent surge of demand for quinoa that can boast a number of health benefits, we’re delight to inform you that it’s benefits extends to dogs as well! Turns out, this ingredient is found in a lot of dog foods, as well as treats on the market. Take Grandma Lucy’s Valor Starters Turkey Freeze-Dried Grain-Free Dog Treats, for example, it contains quinoa blended with meat, fruits and vegetables. Many people are increasingly health-conscious for themselves, so why not do the same for your dog?

9. Green Tripe

When you discover how healthy green tripe is for dogs, you’ll want to serve them to your dogs despite their unsightly appearance!

Tripe is the stomach of grazing animals including cows, sheep, and buffalo and is surprisingly well-liked by dogs. The value of adding green tripe to their diet provides many nutritional benefits as it adds needed digestive enzymes and improves metabolism and hormone function.

If your dogs love the taste, then you’ll find feeding them with Nutripe Classic Green Lamb Tripe Canned Dog Food a real treat! All the benefits of green tripe without having to deal with the unsightly, unprocessed version. Now that’s what I call convenience in a can!

10. Blueberries

How much happier would it be if you can feed your dog with healthy fruits such as blueberries that are not only delicious but can save your dog from other expensive and harmful edibles?

High in vitamin C and fiber, blueberries are often included in commercial dog food and treats. With all their health-enhancing nutrients, blueberries clearly deserve a prominent place in our dog’s diet, just as much as our own. If you love your bud ‘berry’ much, consider treating them to some of Zuke’s Skinny Bake Dog Treats! An ideal treat for your dog that contains no meat, wheat soy or corn – safe for those who worry about their dogs having allergies.

11. Apples

While you’re chewing off your apple slices, your dog can also savour his own apple treat. Turns out, apples are not only a good source of fiber for people, they make an excellent supplement for dogs too!

Reward fruity treats such as Fruitables Whole Jerky Bites Bacon & Apple Jerky Dog Treats to your pet and you’ll see him beaming with happiness. Afterall, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that applies to dogs too!

12. Bananas

Bananas are everywhere. It’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to come by. But can dogs eat bananas too?

Bananas are low in sodium and cholesterol and are a healthy alternative to fatty, salty treats. Due to their high sugar content, do remember to only feed them as treats, and not part of their regular diet. Try giving them a pinch of Organicfuls Banana Flax Recipe Organic Dental Chew Dog Treats for healthy chewing and excellent dental health. It’ll also provide an instant boost of energy so say bow-wow to extra laps around the park!

We hope you enjoyed our short article on 12 Superfoods For Dogs. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us who what you think! See you in the next article.