10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

What are the most expensive dog breeds in the world? With nearly 190 dog breeds worldwide, there are many that are seen as luxurious. While the trend of adopting and not buying pets is becoming more common, there are still several dog breeds in the world that are rare and therefore sold for rather high prices. You might not have seen many of these, simply because not many can afford them!

As expensive as these breeds are, they are equally majestic and fascinating. Here are the 10 of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

(Prices listed are in USD, not SGD.)

1) Saluki – $2,500 to $5,000

Categorised as a sighthound – hunting by sight – the Saluki is a long-legged lean dog. The breed is also referred to as the Persian Greyhound and is said to have been bred in Yemen. These dogs can grow up to 27 kg, are deep-chested, and range from white to brown in colour.

The Saluki is known for its speed and stamina; they even hold a world record for the fastest dog, reaching up to 70 km/h! While a Saluki can be quite the mission to train, the dog can be the most amazing, protective and dedicated pet if correctly handled.

2) Tibetan Mastiff – $2,300 to $7,000

These incredibly large dogs originate from Tibet, Asia, as well as China and India. To date, they are used by the local tribes in these countries as herding dogs, protecting livestock from wild animals.

The Tibetan Mastiff is tall, big-boned, heavy and wrinkled. Some can even weight up to 115 kg! They come in a double coat that can be tan, brown, or black with lighter markings. Interestingly, even though these dogs are large, they don’t possess the typical smell that large, long-haired dogs are often characterised by. Their size and weight naturally means that their diet is large, and that they make for extremely expensive pets in terms of maintenance.

A Tibetan Mastiff is instinctively protective of their family and therefore make for excellent domestic pets. It is not, however, recommended to leave them outside at all times. It goes without saying that this Mastiff can become aggressive if not properly trained – as is true for almost all dogs – and needs to be properly socialised in order to avoid unpredictable and overly protective behavior that may be dangerous to other.

3) Rottweiler – $2,000 to $8,000

Rottweilers initially hail from Germany, though they are now commonly found around the world. They are medium to large dogs, historically aimed at herding. The Rottweiler is easily recognizable because of its straight and firm body, and black fur with rust markings that are very distinct and almost always the same. Their appearance varies very slightly, which is why a pure Rottweiler is rather easy to recognize.

It is often said that the Rottweiler is ‘a one-man dog’, and this is true owing to the protective nature of these pets. It is often commented by experts that although potentially aggressively protective, these dogs are rather common because of how intelligent and easily trained they are; not only are they very devoted and eager to please, they are also highly obedient! Rottweilers and generally good-natured and while they are rumored to be dangerous, this only results from poor ownership, inconsistent training and abuse.

4) Azawakh – $3,000 and Above

This tall-legged breed hailing from Africa is a sighthound and a herding dog, though it has also been used for hunting. Azawakhs usually weight up to 25 kg and have a very lean body, with the bone structure clearly showing through the skin. The coat is very short and the appearance is somewhat similar to that of the Saluki. With their muscular and lean built, they are extremely energetic and highly tolerant of heat. They are, in fact, used by tribes in the Sahara.

These majestic sand-colored dogs are unique in that they rarely ever get serious injuries, and heal very quickly if they do! As for their temperament, they are rather different from other sighthounds because their prime function is usually to protect. While they are not very welcoming of strangers, Azawakhs are highly affectionate with family and rarely ever exhibit aggression – unless threatened and instigated.

Uniquely, these dogs also have a remarkable memory and are often said to remember everyone they’ve ever known!

5) Chow Chow $3,000 to $7,900

Among the most expensive dogs in the world is this adorable looking Chinese breed. These costly dogs are small to medium-sized and have a sturdy build with a broad skull, a square body and an extremely thick double coat that usually comes in shades of brown. The Chow Chow is also among the few breeds with a curled tail.

This breed is almost always kept as a domesticated pet. They can be fiercely protective of their family and their property and are often wary of strangers. They are often protective of one person or, at most, two close family members. Interestingly, however, they are often referred to as ‘cats’, because of their calm and non-aggressive nature, as well as lower energy than most other breeds. Since they are not very active and are rather well-behaved and quiet, Chow Chows are perfect for keeping in apartments. While they do need their daily exercise in order to avoid boredom, they are not the dogs you will see running around at high speeds for hours.

Chow Chows are instinctively hunting dogs and should be kept on leashes and away from strange animals, even though they are mostly calm. They are often seen as high-risk dogs, though aggressive behaviors are rarely ever seen unless resulting from lack of obedience training.

6) Lowchen – $5,000 to $8,000

The Lowchen is a small luxury toy dog – often called ‘The Small Lion’ – easily recognizable by its size, long-haired coat and distinctively bush hair tail. They are also characterized by their thin legs but rather large and furry feet.

Lowchens are extremely happy dogs that are very friendly and playful with nearly everyone they meet. They love attention, rarely bark and enjoy mental stimulation through various games. Because of their quiet and calm nature as well as their small size, they are among the most preferred dogs for apartments. They are also great with children and are among the most perfect companion dogs.

It must, however, be noted that Lowchens do not like being left alone for long periods of time and often suffer from separation anxiety.

7) English Bulldog – $2,500 to $8,000

The English Bulldog is unique in that it is small, but very hefty and muscular! These British dogs are expensive but also among the most popular breeds, especially in the UK, and are characterized by their large head and shoulders, punched-in nose and thick folds of skin around the nose and jaw. Their coat is short and sleek, and comes in white to brown, or marked.

These small dogs are kind and patient but courageous and extremely strong-willed. While they are friendly in nature and don’t exhibit aggression unless threatened, they are known to be stubborn! They do, however, make excellent pets for families with children, since they have the ability to be extremely affectionate. In fact, they are known to make the best bonds with children as well as with other pets.

It is said, however, that Bulldogs aren’t among the smartest dog breeds and that their training can be rather time-consuming.

8) Samoyed – $3,500 to $10,500

The Samoyed is among the most majestic dogs, expensive because of its distinctive white and silver coat. These large herding dogs have a thick double-coat that is always light and rather ‘fluffy’. Their eyes are always black or a very dark brown.

These beautiful white dogs are not great as guard dogs, because they are friendly to everyone they meet and love getting petted! They are often also called ‘Sammie Smile’ because of their facial expressions, which make them look like they are constantly smiling. The facial appearance does justice to the temperament of the Samoyed, however, since they are happy and playful at all times.

Because of their amicable and gentle nature, they make for great pets with families and get along well with children. However, they definitely need to be properly trained, or they would be pulling their owner on a leash!

9) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $1,000 to $14,000

These small toy dogs are among the most popular breeds in many western countries, not only because of their adorable experience but also their adaptable nature. Historically, they were lap dogs that weighed up to 8 kg. They have a silky coat of medium length. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is often confused with the English Toy Spaniel, and while they do have the same ancestry,

These small to medium dogs are among the most affectionate, playful, and eager to please dogs. They are also highly adaptable and can live in nearly every environment. They also adapt well to changing families and locations. These Spaniels make for great pets because while they are active and love to play, they are also fond of cuddling and can be highly gentle and sweet.

10) Bernese Mountain Dog – $800 to $1,200

This German breed is a large one and was originally bred for herding. These mountain dogs are popular as farm dogs and have also been used for cart-pulling. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a distinctive, thick coat, usually black and white with brown marking around the face and the legs. They usually grow up to 55 kg.

As one of the most even-tempered dogs, the Bernese is neither shy nor aggressive. They are usually docile, thought the temperament cannot be generalized to all dogs. These dogs love playing, but don’t have the best stamina, which means that they are great when kept outdoors for short periods of time but also love living indoors. While their endurance isn’t the best, they can move at extremely fast speeds when motivated. In fact, it is rather necessary, because they are known to bark a lot when they don’t get enough exercise.

Overall, they are very patient and are great with children. If your child is one who likes to climb on pets, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the one for you!