Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper


Two speed settings.

Low-wear competition blade set made in the USA.

Constant Speed Control for more power in difficult areas.

Rounded housing to prevent hair from accumulating.

Streamlined rounded casing.

Quick blade change system.

Quiet, lightweight and easy on the wrist.

Recommended for students & beginners.

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Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper is a professional clipper with a low-wear competition blade set made in the USA, recommended for students and beginners starting out in pet grooming.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper has a two speed settings for beginners to groom at their own pace, making it easier to grasp on a slightly slower speed.

Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper features the Constant Speed Control to effortlessly glide through with mats and difficult patches by providing you with more power through tough areas for a more uniform cutting performance.

Additionally, Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper has a housing that rounds off at the top to allow accumulated hairs to fall off easily, giving you greater visibility of the blade and clipping area.

Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper is user-friendly with a streamlined rounded casing for optimum hair flow and greater cutting speed, and a quick blade change system with a touch of a button.

Easy to clean and store, the Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper’s blades easily pop off for effortless cleanup, while the strong metal suspension ring allows it to be securely hung and stored.

Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper has a slim, lightweight design that is easy on the wrist, with good weight distribution and little vibration for even the most intense grooming sessions.

To prevent stress on your arm and joints, Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper has an ergonomic design with a grip surface to prevent slips for a more controlled, secure and comfortable hold.

Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper is ideal for working on dogs who may be more sensitive to loud noises, due to the quiet motor and operation.

The durable and flexible cable is light and stretches out to 4.2m, making the Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper convenient and accessible even when plugged in or when charging.

Wahl KM5 Pet Clipper is powered by a strong DC motor designed for continuous load with two different velocity levels, with an extra energy saving mode.

Product Details
Blade: Interchangeable blade sets.
Cutting Length: 1.8mm.
Operation: DC Motor, 3,000/3,500 rpm/min, 2 speeds.
Cable: 4.2m professional round cable.
Weight: 360g.

This kit includes a MOSER Blade, cleaning brush and oil.

Suitable For
Dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs and cattle of all life stages.

Country Of Origin
Made in Germany.

Product Warranty
1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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