WAG Kangaroo Liver Grain Free Dog Treats 50g


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A crunchy and tasty treat made from 100% natural kangaroo liver.

Lean meat from free-range kangaroos.

High in Omega-3 oils and protein while remaining low in fat.

Can be easily broken down into smaller bite-sized pieces used for training purposes.

Novel protein that is allergy-friendly.

Grain-free, no rice or wheat used.

Meat with single ingredient.

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WAG kangaroo liver dog treats are a great crunchy treat for your dog!

Beside being high in minerals, proteins and vitamins, WAG kangaroo liver dog treats contain very little fat. WAG uses lean meat from free-range kangaroos that are high in omega-3 oils that help keep your pup's heart strong and healthy. The use of kangaroo meat in this dog treat also means that it is a ideal choice for pups with allergies to common proteins found in chicken or beef. The tough surface of kangaroo liver also helps remove your dog's plaque as they chew on it, helping to keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Great solution for allergies
Being a unique protein, kangaroo meat provides more hypoallergenic properties when compared with common proteins found in beef or chicken!

A hearty and healthy treat
Contains Omega-3 oils that are beneficial to your dog's heart!

Break it down
WAG kangaroo liver dog treats can be easily broken into smaller pieces to be used as training treats or for feeding smaller sized dogs!

How's it made?
100% Natural and single ingredients for the treat are put through a slow dehydration process where no additives are added. Through dehydration, water is removed from the treat thus providing the treat with a much longer shelf life as well as concentrating the tastes and flavour that your dog loves in WAG's dog treats.
Dehydrated ingredients provide the same nutritional values as raw meats, the only difference is that you end up with a non-messy, convenient treat!

100% Kangaroo Liver

Nutritional Analysis
Crude Protein (Min.) 80.0% Crude Fat (Min.) 2.0% Moisture (Max.) 12.0%

Country Of Origin

Weight Of Packaging

Suitable For
Dogs of all ages, including puppies

Feeding Instructions
To be used as a tasty and healthy snack at anytime throughout the day or as a training aid. WAG kangaroo liver dog treats may taste great, but are not intended to replace complete meals.