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Non-woven top layer for quicker flow into the pee pads.

Has pheromone attractant to attract your dog.

Ultra absorbent & dries quickly to keep paws clean.

Bottom layer with polyethylene to prevent leakage.

Dermatologically tested & has antibacterial properties.

Odour control with the scent of lavender.

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M-Pets Lavender Puppy Training Dog Pee Pads has a non-woven top layer that allows quicker flow of your dog’s urine into the pee pads & a pheromone attractant that encourages him to use it!

In addition to its ultra absorbent & quick-drying properties, M-Pets Lavender Puppy Training Dog Pee Pads has a polyethylene bottom, preventing leakages to ensure clean paws & floors.

M-Pets Lavender Puppy Training Dog Pee Pads is dermatologically tested and has antibacterial properties, making it suitable for dogs who are prone to skin irritation or have sensitive paws.

Scented with the smell of lavender, M-Pets Lavender Puppy Training Dog Pee Pads helps to control and neutralise the unpleasant odour of your dog’s urine.

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Size
45 x 60 cm - 30 pieces.
90 x 60 cm - 30 pieces.

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