Ferplast Siesta Plastic Pet Bed - Black 2


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Ferplast Siesta Plastic Pet Bed - Black

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Size 2
Item length 49cm
Item width 36cm
Item height 17cm
Inner 1pc

Size 4
Item length 61cm
Item width 45cm
Item height 21cm
Inner 1pc

Size 6
Item length 70cm
Item width 52cm
Item height 23cm
Inner 1pc

Size 8
Item length 82cm
Item width 59cm
Item height 25cm
Inner 1pc

Size 10
Item length 93cm
Item width 68cm
Item height 28cm
Inner 1pc

Size 12
Item length 111cm
Item width 80cm
Item height 33cm
Inner 1pc

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website @: http://www.ferplast.com/

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Ferplast Siesta Plastic Pet Bed - Black 2

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