DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed (Max)

By DreamCastle


  • Made with 100% natural fabrics, fibre fillings & eco-friendly materials.
  • Safe for all pets - hypoallergenic, odourless & chemical-free.
  • Comfortable - Adaptive, breathable, supportive and clump-free.
  • Easy to maintain - Machine-washable, lightweight and has removable cover.
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DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed is a natural pet bed that is safe for all pets; it is filled with a unique fibre called Kapok, made from kapok trees in Java, Indonesia.
Kapok fibre is used in DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed for its unique properties such as:
  • Moisture-repellent: The fibre helps to prevent fungus, mold and bacteria growth.

  • Hypoallergenic: The fibre helps to reduce allergic reactions caused by the bed.

  • Chemical Free: The fibre is 100% natural and made with no chemicals.

  • Eco-Friendly: The fibre is natural and sustainably cultivated.

    The kapok fibre in DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed is much more comfortable than synthetic fillings; it is much more breathable and supportable, like a soft cloud that cushions and fits your dog’s body.

    DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed is easy to maintain as its cover is easy to remove and is machine-washable. Due to the kapok fibre being moisture-repellent, any accidents your dog may have can be easily cleaned out.

    Ideal for a good night’s rest, DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed is soft and fuzzy, keeping your dog warm in the air-conditioned room as he snuggles and curls up to rest.

    Directions For Use
    To clean the outer cover, just unzip the cover and place it into washing machine.

    Product Dimensions
    75cm x 50cm x 7.5cm.

    Product Material
    Filling: Kapok fibre.
    Cover: 100% natural cotton.
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