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Suitable for use with both cats and dogs

Ergonomic handle Trim your pet’s nails whenever required

Helps prevent nail overgrowth

Available in Artero Complements Large Pet Nail Trimmer

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Artero Complements Small Pet Nail Trimmer is ideally made for small to medium sized dogs and cats.

This tough nail trimmers ensures a fuss-free nail trimming session with Artero Complements Small Pet Nail Trimmer.

With Artero Complements Small Pet Nail Trimmer, you can trim your pet’s nails anytime to prevent overgrowth instead of waiting for the next grooming session.

Artero Complements Small Pet Nail Trimmer is also designed with an ergonomic handle to provide you an ideal grip when trimming your pet’s nails.

Available in 2 sizes, Artero Complements Small Pet Nail Trimmer ensures that there is a perfect trimmer for every pet out there.

Artero is a professional hairdressing brand from Spain that spans over four family generations with over 100 years of history.

Founded in 1909, Artero specialises in both human hairdressing and pet grooming tools; Artero is a popular brand with professional show dog groomers.

Suitable For
Cats and dogs of all sizes

Product Dimensions
Small trimmer: Small to medium breeds dogs and cats
Big trimmer: Large breed dogs

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