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For use with pet grooming tools & accessories

Helps maintain good condition of tools & accessories

A cooling spray for heated clippers & trimmers

Disinfectant spray for grooming tools & accessories

Anti-rust solution for grooming tools & accessories

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Artero Complements Oil Fresh Spray supports maintenance of pet grooming tools and accessories such as clippers, trimmers, combs, slickers and more.

As a cooling spray, Artero Complements Oil Fresh Spray can be used to cool down clippers and trimmers blades for prolonged usage and to not hurt the pet.

Artero Complements Oil Fresh Spray is also a disinfectant spray that can be sprayed on grooming tools and accessories before and after use to eliminate bacteria.

Artero Complements Oil Fresh Spray is also an anti-rust solution for grooming tools and accessories that are susceptible to rusting.

Suitable For
All Artero grooming tools, including clippers and trimmers.

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