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Pet food and treats made in New Zealand are increasingly popular in Singapore as more pet owners are careful about what their pets eat.

Food allergies and other diet-related health problems have also encouraged pet owners to be more selective about not just their pets’ food, but their treats too.

More and more pet owners are also looking for ways to bring some variety into their pet’s diet. Unlike us, most pets eat the same thing everyday, which can get pretty boring.

Treats are an easy way to introduce some variety into their daily meals, whether as a reward for good behavior, or as a food topper.

Zeal produces natural cat and dog treats and lactose-free pet milk, all of which are made in New Zealand.

Free of vaccines, preservatives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, colourings and flavourings, they are as natural as you can get!

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100% Real - Zing, Zest & Zeal

Made in New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for its clean, natural environment as well as its rich and unique biodiversity.

Its local fauna includes the hoki fish (also known as blue grenadier) and green lipped mussels, which can only be found in New Zealand.

Known for their superfood qualities, hoki fish is a rich source of Omega 3, while green lipped mussels is high in glucosamine and chondroitin.

Cats and dogs can’t synthesize Omega 3, an essential fatty acid which has countless health benefits, such as improving skin health and inflammatory properties.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are vital in improving and maintaining bone and joint health.

Zeal uses them in their treats, such as Hoki Fish Skins and Green Lipped Mussels.

Made in New Zealand

Zeal Lactose-Free Milk For Pets

Milk is a nourishing drink full of vitamins and minerals; most of us were encouraged to drink milk as children, so we can “grow big and strong”!

Unlike us, cats and dogs should only drink milk as a treat. Imagine drinking only water your whole life, how boring would that be!

Normal milk has lactose though, which can cause upset tummies and diarrhea. Zeal Pet Milk is lactose-free, so you won’t have to worry about upset tummies or diarrhea.

Made with fresh whole NZ cow’s milk and enriched with taurine and vitamins like Vitamin E, B1 and B2, Zeal Pet Milk is perfect for pets who like the taste of milk.

Photo from @liloandyogi_chihuahua

Zeal Lactose-Free Milk For Pets

Zeal Cat & Dog Natural Treats

Chances are you’ve seen terms like “single ingredient”, “air dried” and even “low calorie” while shopping for treats.

In case you were wondering, air dried treats do not require preservatives as they are already dried, while single ingredients are highly recommended for pets with food allergies.

Zeal cat and dog treats are:


  • Grain-free and single-ingredient
  • High protein, low fat
  • Made from air-dried, free-range meat

    Some are suitable for both cats and dogs, such as the Hoki Fish Cubes and Lamb Puffs. They are made from pure meat or organs, perfect for our little carnivores.

    Others are only suitable for dogs; the ones with bones or ears like the Sheep Ears and Veal Shanks are especially great for Fido’s teeth. Not only do they enjoy them, they help clean their teeth and provide some mental stimulation too.

    If your pet needs to prevent piling on the pounds, Zeal has some low calorie choices, like the Chicken Fillets and Veal Meaty Bites. As for picky pets, Zeal’s Lamb Puffs and Venison Puffs come in handy as food toppers.

    Photo from @thestumpylegs

  • Zeal Cat & Dog Natural Treats