Congratulations on your new puppy!

If you’re a first-time dog owner, you might be wondering what you’ll need to make your puppy comfortable in his new home. You're probably tempted to go on a shopping spree, but don't start until you've a basic checklist first!

Apart from the obvious food, food bowls, treats and a bed, a puppy has many needs, some of which you’ll need to figure out before you bring him home, and others that you’ll figure out along the way.

Here's a list of a puppy’s basic necessities to get the both of you started on the right foot & paw!
Congratulations on your new puppy!

Collar & Leash

Walking your puppy is probably one of the top things to do on your list, you’ve probably been dreaming of the day you could bring your puppy to the park. Unfortunately, puppies need to be trained in many aspects, and how to walk on a leash is one of them.

A soft, fabric Martingale-style collar is usually the most suitable choice as it gives you control without hurting your pup. It will allow you to correct unwanted behaviour like pulling and lunging.

Such behaviour is best prevented early as it may lead to more endangering situations when he's a full-grown adult, lunging across a road or at other dogs.

Pair the collar with a standard leash; unlike a retractable leash, this will enable you to lead your puppy properly and teach him to walk at your side.
Collar & Leash

Grooming Accessories

Shampoo, conditioners, brushes, nail clippers… The list could go on, but if you want to keep it simple, you need just three things to keep your puppy clean and free of matted hair: shampoo and two hairbrushes.

You might be tempted to get a colour-enhancing or moisturising shampoo, but the best kind to get for your puppy would be a gentle and tearless shampoo. Similarly with babies, puppies have sensitive skin, and the last thing you want is your puppy to be covered in itchy rashes.

The safest choices are usually hypoallergenic and/or made with natural ingredients.

Brushes are a little more confusing; different breeds have different types of fur, which will require different types of brushes. Your best bet is to get a slicker brush to remove mats, and a bristle brush to smooth down a messy coat.
Grooming Accessories


A puppy’s definitely going to need toys! Not only will toys keep your puppy occupied, they will also help you establish a bond with him during playtime and teach him social skills.

Most importantly, your puppy will need something to chew once they start teething. Rubber and rope toys are fun for puppies to chew on, and most rope toys are also good for playing tug of war.

Soft plush toys are also a suitable choice as they’re light, easy to carry around and can provide comfort.

Different puppies have different preferences, so get a variety of toys ready, and see which ones your puppy takes to the most!

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