Sanabelle Delicious Grain-free Dry Cat Food

Sanabelle dry cat food promises an answer to every need your cat may have!

From health issues like obesity and a sensitive urinary tract, to specific traits like being sterilized or of a larger breed, Sanabelle has them all covered.

Sanabelle’s NEW dry cat food, Sanabelle Delicious, consists of just 70% fresh animal protein from fish, meat & organs and 30% potatoes, herbs & berries!

Its grain-free and high meat content makes it suitable for all adult cats, even those that have a sensitive stomach.

Did you know? Sanabelle Delicious was rated 9 out of 10 stars by German cat owners!

Sanabelle - Trusted By Cat Lovers, Loved By Cats.

NEW! Sanabelle Delicious Grain-free Dry Cat Food