Recycled Paper Litter For Cats & Small Animals

Eco-friendly and biodegradable, recycled paper litter is commonly used for cat litter and small animal bedding.

Pure paper is safe if ingested, and can be passed out without any fuss from their digestive system.

Mainly made of compactly pressed recycled paper fibres, paper litter is highly absorbent, and expands as it absorbs.

Its texture makes it preferable for cats that dislike stepping on hard types of litter, like silica gel crystals.

Recycled paper litter also has very minimal dust, making it a popular type of litter for people and cats with sensitive noses.

It barely produces any tracking due to low dust and large-sized pellets, which are harder to get trapped between a cat’s paw pads.

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Recycled Paper Litter For Cats & Small Animals

100% Paper Litter

Brands like Breedercelect, Back-2-Nature, Green Kat, Nature’s Eco and Tom & Pus are fully made from recycled paper.

These paper litters are 100% safe for both cats and small animals as they have nothing added to them.

They do not clump and are a popular choice of natural cat litter due to the lack of additives and chemicals.

Small animals and cats with sensitive noses or stomachs will find these litters better suited to their needs.

Scented litter can irritate their nose, and cause stomach upsets if ingested due to the chemicals present.

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Picture from De Russische Dwerghamster Blog.

100% Paper Litter

Scooping & Flushing Paper Litter

Some cat owners prefer to flush their paper cat litters; it is an easy way to dispose of cat litters.

Septic-safe paper cat litter is also useful if you want to train your cat to use the toilet bowl!

However it is important to note that not all paper cat litters are flushable; Breedercelect, Fussie Cat & QQKit are flushable in small quantities.

Simply scoop up only the used parts of the cat litter, toss them into the toilet bowl and flush.

Clumping paper cat litter like QQKit clumps up immediately upon contact with water, which makes it easier to scoop up.

QQKit even has a formula that turns blue upon contact with liquid, making used clumps easier to spot.

Scooping & Flushing Paper Litter

Paper Litter's Odour Control

Paper’s natural high absorbency makes it good at controlling odours as well; the more pee the litter absorbs, the less odour remains.

Some cats however may have stronger-than-usual-smelling pee, and may need a little extra help keeping their litter box odourless.

Brands like Fussie Cat & QQKit have charcoal added to them; charcoal is an excellent natural deodoriser.

Fussie Cat and QQKit also have scented paper litters that have a natural green tea fragrance.

Green tea scented litters are popular with cat owners who prefer a light, non-overpowering scent.

Paper Litter's Odour Control