Pro Plan Pet Food - Same Brand, New Formula!

Did you know that 10 of the last 10 Westminster Best In Show champions are on Pro Plan?

Pro Plan is one of the most well-known pet food brands worldwide, yet with pet food constantly evolving and new trends emerging every year, it can be hard to keep up.

Hence, Pro Plan has undergone a complete recent reformulation to offer your pet improved nutrition that you can clearly see.

Keeping up to date with the latest scientific innovations, Pro Plan’s recipes have been optimised to support your pet's health with stronger benefits.

Proudly made in Australia, each formula is specifically tailored for each life stage, meeting your pet's developmental needs throughout their whole life.



For more than 85 years, Pro Plan has been a pioneer in pet nutrition. Their research & development team includes nutritionists, food scientists & vets, some of who have done groundbreaking work in pet nutrition.

No two pets are the same, and each have ever-changing nutritional needs that are different from each other.

The new Pro Plan Optinutrition range consists of various formulas that each target a specific area, providing solutions for issues like sensitive skin and stomach.

Pro Plan Optinutrition was developed to deliver not just meaningful but scientifically-proven benefits, ensuring your pet's needs are met.

Everything in Pro Plan Optinutrition has a purpose; for example, no colouring additives are added as they have no nutritional value.


Pro Plan Dog Food

Pro Plan Optinutrition provides your dog with long-term health benefits at each life stage, from puppies to senior dogs.

  • OPTISTART - Helps improve your puppy’s immunity by supporting your puppy’s natural defences
  • OPTIDIGEST - Promotes good digestion, especially for sensitive stomachs, with prebiotics to improve microflora balance
  • OPTIRESTORE - Formulated specially for dogs with sensitive skin and stomach, and are intolerant to wheat, beef and chicken
  • OPTIDERMA - Prevents excessive shedding to maintain a healthy coat and firm skin.
    Pro Plan Dog Food

    Pro Plan Cat Food

    Pro Plan Optinutrition provides your cat with long-term health benefits at each life stage, from kittens to senior cats.

  • OPTISTART - Helps improve your kitten’s immunity by supporting your kitten’s natural defences
  • OPTIRENAL - Keeps your cat’s kidneys healthy by protecting it from oxidative damage and minimising inflammation.
  • OPTIDERMA - Prevents excessive shedding, allowing your cat to maintain a healthy coat and firm skin as well as controlling hairball movement in their digestive tract.
    Pro Plan Cat Food