Pro Plan Dog Food

Pro Plan Dog Food is a well-established brand of dog food, with 85 years of research backing their nutritious recipes.

Pioneering the need to have real meat as the first ingredient in its recipes, Pro Plan continues to deliver the advanced nutrition and great taste that your dog needs and love.

Pro Plan has over 400 scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists staff that ensures your dog gets the best care through their meals.

Endorsed by many American Kennel Club handlers and eaten by their champion dogs, Pro Plan provides nutrition to dogs who performs as well.

With formulas to aid your aging dog or your dog’s sensitive stomach, Pro Plan has the right meal to offer for your dog.

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Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food - Caring For Your Senior Dog

Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food is a new range of dry dog food formulated specially for dogs aged 7 years old and above.

As your dog ages, his nutritional needs will change; Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food helps to keep your dog’s mind alert & active with enhanced botanical oils.

Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food uses enhanced botanical oils as they are rich in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), and can help improve your senior dog’s mental capabilities.

Your dog’s brain uses these oils in Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food to fuel its activity, affecting important factors such as your dog’s memory, attention and learning.

Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food also contains essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s immunity as well bone & joint health.

Pro Plan Bright Mind Dog Food is available in two kibble sizes: Pro Plan Bright Mind Chicken Mini/Small Adult Dry Dog Food and Pro Plan Bright Mind Chicken Medium/Large Adult Dry Dog Food.


Pro Plan Dog Food - Nurturing Your Puppy

Pro Plan Dog Food has puppy food formulas that cater to puppies and their nutritional needs; they are enriched ingredients chosen to help your puppy grow strong and healthy.

The ingredients in Pro Plan Puppy Food include colostrum, which helps boost your puppy’s immune system and prevent his tummy from experiencing digestive upset.

Pro Plan Puppy Food consists of three formulas: OptiStart, OptiDerma and OptiDigest, each formulated specially for your puppy’s various health needs.

The first ingredient in all Pro Plan Puppy Food is animal meat (lamb, chicken or salmon), ensuring your puppy receives the protein he needs for muscle development.

Pro Plan OptiStart Puppy Food is a good choice for those who want a complete and balanced kibble, and is recommended for dog breeds weighing 1 to 10kg.

You can also choose to try Pro Plan OptiDerma Puppy Food, if your puppy has skin issues, or Pro Plan OptiDigest Puppy Food if he has a sensitive stomach.


Pro Plan Dog Food - Support For Adulthood

Pro Plan Dog Food also comes in OptiDerma and OptiDigest formulas for adult dogs, as well as OptiRestore, to meet any adult dog’s nutritional needs.

  • Pro Plan OptiRestore Dog Food: Recommended for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs, Pro Plan OptiRestore is made without foods that commonly cause intolerance, such as wheat, corn, soy and beef.
    Available in 1 kibble size: All Sizes.

  • Pro Plan OptiDerma Dog Food: Recommended for dogs with skin issues, Pro Plan OptiDerma contains key nutrients to support strong hair follicles for a healthy skin and coat.
    Available in 2 kibble sizes: Small & Mini and All Sizes.

  • Pro Plan OptiDigest Dog Food: Recommended for dogs with more sensitive stomachs, Pro Plan OptiDigest has added prebiotics to combat intestinal microflora imbalance for a healthy digestive system.
    Available in 1 kibble size: Medium (for dog breeds weighing 10 to 25kg).

    Whatever health issues your adult dog faces, Pro Plan Dog Food has a formula that can help him overcome it!