Pet Insurance in Singapore - Should I Get It?

As a responsible pet owner, you may have considered getting pet insurance at one point or another; it is important to ensure our pet’s well-being.

Try as we might, there’s always a chance our pet could get sick or get into an accident, and when the vet bills come pouring in, it’s good if you have pet insurance to lean on.

As some dog breeds are genetically predisposed to certain illnesses that might only manifest as they age, why not be ready for it by getting insured with Liberty Insurance PetCare?

Two good examples are the common occurrence of chronic diseases like diabetes in Miniature Schnauzers, or mitral valve disease (a heart condition) in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Such chronic diseases in pets are not curable but symptoms can be regulated with constant medication & treatment; this heavy financial burden can be lightened by Liberty Insurance PetCare!

Embarking On Pet Insurance

Liberty Insurance PetCare is one of the few pet insurance providers that do not require a vet check-up before enrolment.

Before you can insure your cat or dog with Liberty Insurance PetCare, it has to be microchipped, which can cost approximately $50 to $80 in Singapore.

Liberty Insurance PetCare’s policies allow your pet to be enrolled from 8 weeks old to 9 years old, and covers them till 13 years old or even older (on a case to case basis).

Unlike some pet insurance providers, Liberty Insurance PetCare covers both surgical (including post-surgery expenses) and non-surgical treatments!

Apart from vet bills, it is also good to note that Liberty Insurance PetCare provides compensation if your dog is ever stolen (this does not apply to cats).

Lastly, it is important to note that Liberty Insurance PetCare’s policies only cover companion pets; they must not be a working dog, or have been used for breeding.

Embarking On Pet Insurance