NEW! Nurture Pro Longevity Canned Cat Food

Nurture Pro Longevity canned cat food features luscious gourmet cuts of chicken and skipjack tuna meat as the first two ingredients.

Made with unique & naturally beneficial ingredients like catnip & papaya, Nurture Pro Longevity is a healthy wet food that helps with hairballs.

All of these ingredients were selected for their natural health benefits; papaya for example is high in fibre and papain enzymes, and can help with digestion.

Nurture Pro also adds green tea essence (for antioxidants) to all Longevity canned food, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, lysine & taurine.

Nurture Pro Longevity does not contain any by-product meals, grains, carrageenan or artificial additives.

An excellent and tasty source of hydration for cats, Nurture Pro Longevity is available in six grain-free recipes!

NEW! Nurture Pro Longevity Canned Cat Food