Staying Fresh & Balanced Since 1992

Every dog owner knows Tropiclean for their effective grooming products; made with good, naturally sourced and wholesome ingredients, their expansive range of products has made them one of the most popular American pet brands. Tropiclean set out in 1992 to tap nature’s best ingredients and create their natural pet shampoos. They have since become an industry leader in natural pet products, and continue to branch out, developing products for your pets’ health and happiness.

Equipped with at least 2 decades of pet knowledge, Tropiclean has launched their first range of health supplements for dogs: Life By Tropiclean. Each bottle of Life is made with a balanced blend of fresh ultra-concentrated oils to supplement your dog’s food for a Life of pure. joy.

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Staying Fresh & Balanced Since 1992

Why Should You Give Supplements To Your Dog?

A dog’s health is connected to its diet; without the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed, its health may suffer. Few cases are serious; often these undernourishments manifest in non-threatening symptoms such as a dull coat, inflamed and irritated skin, rashes, ear infections, wet stool, and bad breath.

While most dogs can get the vitamins and nutrients they need from a complete and well-balanced diet, some dogs need help with a particular health issue or two. Issues such as poor digestive health, low immunity and sensitive skin are increasingly common, and related symptoms like diarrhoea and rashes can be cumbersome, or even a burden for both your dog and you. Unfortunately some of these are incurable, and can only be managed, in which case supplements can help keep such conditions under control and even improve them.

Some dog owners prefer to feed their dog a home-cooked diet. Supplements are especially important for these dogs as they would not have the necessary nutrients (or at least, not in sufficient amounts) just from cooked or raw ingredients alone, unlike most commercial dog foods that have vitamins, minerals and more added to them.
Why Should You Give Supplements To Your Dog?

Life By Tropiclean

Bad breath, ear infections, itchy skin, wet stool… These are all common health problems that dogs and their owners would have experienced at one point or another, and they are all linked to your dog’s:

1) Digestive System
2) Immune System
3) Skin & Coat
4) Level of Nutrition

Tropiclean has made Ultra Concentrated supplements for dogs in 4 variations to aid your dog with these issues:
  • Probiotic Supplement - Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics to aid good digestive health
  • Immunity Supplement - Contains Triple Defence™ (Omegas, Vitamins & Antioxidants) for immune system support
  • Skin & Coat - Contains Omega 3 and 6 for a health skin and coat
  • Multivitamin - Contains a Vitamins A, D3 and E to support optimal nutrition

    Each variation contains antioxidants, Omegas 3 and 6 from sustainably caught Norwegian Salmon & Alaskan Pollock, and Vitapact™ - a blend of Vitamins A, D3 and E.

    Each bottle of Life contains an ultra-concentrated 45-day supply: just add one pump to your dog’s food for every 10 pounds he weighs. Your dog will love Life for its taste, and you’ll love Life for all the moments you’ll share — moments of pure. joy.
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    Life By Tropiclean


    "Westie is one of the first lucky dogs to try Life by Tropiclean Skin & Coat Supplement & as you can see from his face, he’s very happy about it. It’s Ultra Concentrated, so 1 pump goes a long way (to be exact, 1 pump for every pound a dog weighs). Westie is around 8+kg (1 pound = 4.5kg), so he had 2 pumps with dinner. 

    It’s a whole blend of beneficial oils (with Vitamins A, D3 & E added to it), all in just ONE bottle! The best part (apart from the convenience) is that Westie likes it! Us humans didn’t taste it (obviously) but the oil has a pleasant smell that is similar to fish oil, so you know it's definitely one of the main ingredients. What we especially like about it is that it’s so easy to dispense; no need for capsules, scooping or pouring. Just a few pumps of the bottle and that’s it! 

    There’s Flaxseed, Canola, Norwegian Salmon & Alaskan Pollock Oil for Omega 3, Sunflower Oil for Omega 6, and Coconut Oil for MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). As everyone knows, these oils can really help boost the skin condition, but it’s hard to say after only 1 pump, so we’ll do a conclusive review at the end of 45 days (since 1 bottle = 45+ day supply).

    Westie hardly has any skin issues now, but we are having trouble with a dry, itchy & flaky area below his tail that has been there for months. So, paws crossed that this helps!"