Fura Pet Beds — Tasteful Accessories Designed To Impress

Fura Pet Beds offers a selection of stunning, beautifully designed pet beds that combine the appeal of traditional craft methods and materials with modern, minimalistic design.

Crafted by expert artisans in Indonesia, Fura Pet Beds works with a variety of high-quality materials in order to provide your cat or dog with a resting space that’s not only durable and long-lasting, but also comfortable to lie in all day long!

Fura Pet Beds feature unique pieces that are made with:

  • Rattan — strong and flexible, rattan furniture has a distinct rustic, heritage feel that fits in perfectly with any Peranakan or British colonial decor.

  • Synthetic Rattan — this unique material allows the beds to retain the same look and charm of traditional rattan while allowing it to be water-repellent, more resistant to wear and great for the outdoors.

  • Olefin Rope — known to be lightweight, colourfast and durable, this material allows Fura Design’s bed frames to be water-resistant, quick drying and ideal in outdoor settings.
  • Fura Pet Beds — Tasteful Accessories Designed To Impress