An Exclusive Kohepets Dining Experience

Have you ever had an amazing dining experience filled with stunning food, great ambience as well as the company of your friends, family and adorable furry companions?

We've partnered with one of our favourite restaurants to offer KOHEPETS customers just that — an exclusive chance to dine with their dogs under the stars!

A private, pre-launch event will be held for just a special select few of our most loyal customers to try this brand new dog-friendly restaurant ahead of everyone else!

If you’d love to be invited to our exclusive pre-launch event and have a wonderful night out with your dogs, please indicate your interest by filling our form below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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An Exclusive Kohepets Dining Experience

Our Partner Restaurant

Imagine having a relaxing night out, relishing in the peaceful night-time atmosphere while you enjoy great drinks, food and company, chilling and unwinding with your dogs after a long day!

That’s what this place is perfect for — surrounded by lush greenery and twinkling lights, the restaurant is nicely tucked away in a quaint, little corner amidst the bustling city, complete with a relaxed, laid-back ambience.

The restaurant’s main feature is a huge, spacious outdoor area, allowing patrons to dine al fresco with their dogs (even large ones!) without them having to feeling cooped up or restricted.

Located at a secluded spot away from any major traffic, the restaurant’s ideal layout keeps your dogs safe from the roads even if they accidentally run off; while still being extremely accessible by car if you’re driving!

Open till late, grab your friends, family and furry companions to enjoy an entirely dog-friendly dining experience that you can't find elsewhere!

Our Partner Restaurant

Human Menu

Pet parents are also sure to be in good hands with their extensive menu featuring over seventy different delicious food items and beverages, including vegetarian and kid-friendly options!

Dining in a group? From nachos to juicy sliders and spicy, tangy wings, this place has a variety of mouth-watering appetisers that are perfect to share with friends & family.

The restaurant also features tasty, meaty burgers, delectable pastas, succulent seafood, gourmet pizzas and fall-off-the-bone tender proteins that everyone is sure to love.

For those with a sweet tooth, end off the meal by indulging in drool-worthy ginger date puddings, chocolate lava cakes and more — all handmade by their in-house pastry chef.

Don’t forget the huge selection of drinks and cocktails! Whether you’re a whiskey fanatic, wine lover or someone that simply enjoys a drink or two, you definitely won’t be disappointed with their variety.

Human Menu