Dentalife Pet Treats - Expertly Designed & Scientifically Tested

Dentalife Pet Treats present a new breakthrough in dental pet chews - their unique porous texture makes them effective at maintaining your pet’s dental health & freshening their breath!

Available in a wide range of flavours and food types, Absolute Holistic will keep your dogs from getting bored with their meals!

Scientifically proven to help control tartar & plaque build-up, Dentalife Pet Treats (both the cat & dog formulas) are awarded the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) Seal of Acceptance.

Dentalife Pet Treats are also softer than your typical dental chew, allowing your pet’s teeth to effortlessly pierce through, which in turn enables the chew to reach inaccessible areas.

Produced in USA, Dentalife Pet Treats are made with low-fat ingredients with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours; each dog chew has 25 to 63 kcal, while each cat treat has 1.3 kcal.

Dentalife Pet Treats are the key to keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy - feed them to your cat or dog daily for optimal results, they will be sure to appreciate it!

Dentalife Dog Treats - Chewy, Delectable & Effective Dental Chews

Dentalife Dog Treats are designed to make oral health fun and tasty for your dog; instead of wrestling him with a toothbrush, you can now reward him with a delicious Dentalife chew!

The thousands of tiny air pockets throughout each Dentalife Dog Treat gives it its signature porous texture, enabling it to clean your dog’s teeth thoroughly, right down to his gum line.

Dentalife Dog Treats also have ridges along each stick to help massage your dog’s gums for better circulation, thus improving his oral health and keeping his breath smelling fresh!

Formulated with an incredibly tasty chicken flavour, Dentalife Dog Treats are sure to have your dog excited and looking forward to “getting his teeth cleaned”.

Dentalife Dog Treats are most importantly proven to improve your dog’s oral health by reducing tartar build-up (which is actually a tougher form of plaque) by a significant average of 57%!

Dentalife Cat Treats - Crunchy Dental Treats Your Cat Will Love

Dentalife Cat Treats are especially handy as many cats are notorious for not putting up with having their teeth brushed, making dental care & hygiene an arduous task for any cat owner!

A great hassle-free and easy option, Dentalife Cat Treats makes caring for your feline’s dental and oral health a breeze, allowing you to help clean their teeth daily without breaking a sweat.

Dentalife Cat Treats feature smaller, crunchier bites formulated just for cats, with the same unique and effective porous texture as Dentalife dog treats to help reduce tartar buildup!

Available in two delectable flavours, your cat can have their pick of either delicious salmon or mouth-watering chicken, both with added calcium and taurine to help boost overall health.

Dentalife Cat Treats aid in the prevention of dental issues especially common in cats aged over 2 which can worsen their quality of life - show love by caring for your cat’s oral hygiene today!