Aixia Cat Food - Love Is Happiness

Aixia’s slogan, To Love Is Happiness, expresses Aixia’s desire to “share the meaning, joy and happiness of loving more deeply with others.”

Aixia’s aim is to cultivate a closer bond between owners and their pets resulting in overall happiness.

Using superior quality ingredients with originality and ingenuity to product cat food, Aixia hopes to help contribute to a meaningful life for you and your pets.

Aixia’s values the importance of safety when manufacturing their products, all while ensuring a balanced diet in a delicious meal.

Providing a wide range of cat foods to suit every cat’s needs, Aixia meals are every cat’s idea of a perfect meal.

*Maguro - Tuna

*Katsuo - Skipjack Tuna

To Love Is Happiness

Kenko Can - A Can For Every Age!

Formulated as a complete diet full of vitamins and minerals, providing the basic building blocks for enriching your cat’s health.

Comes in a variety of textures, flavours and varying pH levels for all life stages of your cat.

Every can of Kenko can comes packed with DHA, taurine and lactosucrose to aid and protect your cat’s digestive system.

For kittens:

    • Maguro paste, Katsuo tuna paste and chicken fillet & maguro paste.

For adult cats:

    • Maguro mousse, Katsuo Mousse and chicken fillet and maguro mousse.

For senior cats:

  • Maguro smooth paste, Katsuo smooth paste and chicken fillet & maguro smooth paste.
Kenko Can - A Can For Every Age!


Made from the freshest tuna exclusively brought in at Yaizu port located in Yaizu city of the Shinozuka prefecture.

Yaizu-no-Maguro uses tuna caught in waters off the central pacific ocean, that means that only human-grade tuna is used.

Yaizu-no-Maguro Aixia cat food is available with a variety of ingredients such as Tuna & Chicken Fillet With:

  • Crab stick meat
  • Whitebait
  • Salmon
  • Koshihikari rice
  • Skipjack
  • Beef
  • Scallop-flavored fishcake mixed in with chicken fillet and tuna.
  • Yaizu-no-Magura

    How About More?

    There are 3 other varieties of Aixia canned cat food:

    KIN-CAN mini

  • A gold standard premium made from the finest selection of Maguro with added vitamin E.

  • Miaw Miaw

  • Developed with help from a professor at KITAZATO university, contains anti-inhibitory peptide and helps lowers stress and increases palatability.

  • KURO-CAN mini

  • A Mixture of tuna, skipjack tuna and dark meats topped with white maguro meat. Formulated with high amounts of DHA, bioavailable iron, vitamins and minerals.

  • JUN-CAN mini

  • One of Aixia’s best selling products in the market, made with 100% fresh tuna.
  • How About More?

    Aixia Singapore Taste Test - How Yummy is Aixia?

    On 31 October 2014, Aixia partnered up with Pets Magazine to carry out an Aixia Taste Challenge at the Pets Parade event!

    Cat lovers were invited to taste Aixia’s KIN-CAN cat food in the CBD area and discover the taste of human-grade, premium tuna canned food.

    Aixia KIN-CAN is one of Aixia's premium ranges of canned cat food made in Japan.

    Most participants agreed that even though Aixia KIN-CAN was made for cats, it tasted pretty good. Some even claimed that “it tastes even better than regular canned tuna!”

    If Aixia KIN-CAN tastes good enough for humans, it will definitely taste good enough for cats too!

    Aixia Singapore Taste Test - How Yummy is Aixia?