AEE Pets+ Essential Supplement for Cats & Small Animals

AEE Pets+ is an essential probiotic and prebiotic supplement for cats & small animals (such as rabbits, chinchillas and hamsters) that helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in their gastrointestinal (GI) tract. They come in individual sachets to be mixed into food on daily basis.

Its benefits generally include:

  • Preventing skin allergies, rashes, diarrhoea and constipation
  • Helps with hair loss
  • Inhibits growth of harmful bacteria
  • Repairs damaged intestinal membrane
  • Reduces health problems caused by emotional stress and antibiotic therapy
  • Enhance appetite and nutrient absorption
  • Reduction of bad mouth and fecal odor
  • Strengthen immune and digestive system
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    AEE Pets+ Essential Supplement for Cats & Small Animals

    How can this help your pet?

    Common cat health issues such as itchy skin, hair loss, vomiting, regurgitation, diarrhoea and constipation can be an indication of poor digestive health. With the help of prebiotics and probiotics, it can be easily managed at home as they promote good appetite, digestion, and bowel movement, and can improve your cat's skin and coat condition.

    Rabbits are delicate animals and they need tender and constant care. Digestive disorders can lead to serious complications, and in some cases may be fatal. One common example is Gastrointestinal Statis, which is one of the major causes of death in rabbits. It is a condition where the digestive system shuts down and stops processing food. Early symptoms include hair-chewing, constipation, and poor appetite, and may indicate that your rabbit is in pain.

    By nourishing their metabolism and supplementing them with sufficient prebiotics and probiotics, we can keep their digestive system in constant motion, contributing to their optimal health.

    Feeding Directions
    Adult Cats & Rabbits - Feed 1 sachet per day
    For Smaller Pets - Feed 0.5 sachet per day
    Newborn & Young Animals - Feed 0.5 sachet per day

    If pet is already unwell, double the normal feeding amount. Sprinkle on pet food or feed directly to your pet in original powder form.

    BUY 2 FOR $40 NOW
    How can this help your pet?